Episode 20

Published on:

14th Aug 2020

Partha Srinivasan and Vardharajan Krishnamoorthy continue exploring the Pharma world

In this episode:

00:20 Varadh episode continues

00:50 Questions from Twitter -

Q1: What should India do to improve the Pharma exports levels [has been growing over the years]?

04:15 Q2: What percentage of sales happens typically at the end of the month?

06:35 Q3: What percentage of sales happens at a higher margin [month end]?

09:45 How does distribution work across pharma chains?

12:25 Q4: How open are sales folk to doing digital meetings?

13:35 How digital solutions helping pharma move towards the future?

19:08 Digitization of data- records –current scenario

28:08 What is the current status of healthcare with ref to the healthcare?

37:22 What pharma companies can do to overcome this trust issue?

[reading a lot about it during the pandemic]  

40:12 Do you think that technology will win finally in pharma? Why?

41:45 How does the digitally enabled solutions [mobile apps] affect digital distribution of business?

42:42 Pharma keeping pace with evolving digital solutions [incl logistics, ease of access]- how is this happening?

46:18 Regulations across the industry

47:25 Episode ends…


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