Episode 21

Published on:

21st Aug 2020

Partha Srinivasan and Chriss discuss how technology has helped in the advancement of education.

Christian is a STEAM enthusiast by heart, Maker in Nature, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer. He started his career in STEM education 5 years ago while he was still a college student. He is passionate about technology in Education and most enjoys his time helping to make technology available for all communities. Christian invests most of his time by developing creative ideas for projects using tech and by implementing Edu-tainment best practices, project-based learning strategies, smart Learning and technology integration plans for the K-12 education sector. Christian also helps schools in meeting their innovation growth objectives, enabling teachers to take the plunge into using technology in classrooms by providing innovative solutions and services to support schools and organizations through their Techno-educational transformation. 


Christian is a seasoned speaker in conferences, he spoke at GESS Dubai 2017, GESS Dubai 2018, STEM Best Practices Summit 2017 and at TEDx in TEDxYouth@SAIS UAE and has eagerly shared his experiences on TV and different media channels.

In this episode:

3:38  Chriss talks about his journey with technology & education.

7:15  How important is it for a student to think more laterally?

12:00 How to learn about a piece of technology? What should be the right approach to learn about technology?

13:35 What are the 4 C’s in education? ( Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking)

17:29 How has the mindset evolved around the tools in education and what has Chriss experience with these tools?

22:30 What are the different things that a parent or a student can do at home even if their school isn’t doing it?

23:37 What does STEM really mean?

32:35 How expensive is STEM learning and the tools involved in it?

39:00 Episode ends.

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